The Advisor Virtual Sales System

The Advisor Virtual Sales System

My proprietary 6-Phase marketing system that has helped our clients

My proprietary 6-Phase marketing system that has helped our clients

  • Get in front of dozens of new appointments each month
  • Close up to 50% of sales appointments over Zoom
  • Generate over $80K per month in new business

The Advisor Virtual Sales Formula Examples…

Patrick Lynch

I’ve got over 210 leads and I’m in front of over $69 million worth of assets from the appointments I’ve booked.

This is the best opportunity I’ve ever seen.

Mark Robinson

Adam helped us bank about $50k in 30 days.

In the past I would spend days preparing presentations that would cost us thousands, and just not work. Now we are making great sales, without the chicken dinner

In This Free Template I’ll Show You…

The Single Problem Preventing Advisor Sales…

There are 10’s of millions of people who need and want help growing and protecting their wealth. There are some amazing investment strategies and products available that can help them achieve this.

Yet the industry as a whole is number 5 on the list of least trusted professions in the United States.

Underlying this is ONE SINGLE PROBLEM that when solved will virtually guarantee any Advisor can grow their business

The Advisor

Virtual Sales System...

The advisor virtual sales system is a step by step approach that has helped our advisor clients close over $80K in commissions per month and helped them increase their sales conversion up to 50%... to prospects they have never met face to face.

The Advisor Appointment Marketing System…

The exact formula responsible for generating 1000’s of leads and millions of dollars of sales over the last few years.

Getting leads is easy… Getting qualified, interested prospects wanting to talk to you about your financial advice service is a different story.

The Advisor Appointment Marketing System makes this story a reality.

So you can achieve results like these…

Paul Hanney

When I first spoke with Adam, he spent the time to actually listen to my problems to see if he thought he genuinely could solve them. And then, he helped me build a system that gave me a 4297% ROI (no that's not a typo). I'm now in a predicament ... I have too much work.

Clint Benn

In 13 days we made $25,000 worth of sales from a $450 ad spend on Facebook

Hi, I’m Adam Sowden

...creator of the Advisor Virtual Sales System and owner of the Advisor Marketing Service. I help financial advisors get more appointments, clients and ultimately make more money.

Obviously the global pandemic has impacted the way you’ve been running your business for the last year or so.

In that time we’ve helped our clients make record sales simply by implementing two key strategies.

The first strategy…

The Advisor Phone Call Marketing System… has helped our clients get in front of dozens of new appointments with high net worth individuals each and every month.

In fact, one of our advisors, Patrick was in front of just under $70 million dollars worth of assets from the appointments we generated for him in two short months…

The second strategy…

The Advisor Virtual Sales System… has helped our clients close more new business virtually than they were pre-pandemic.

For example… One of our advisors… Keith… grew his sales from less than 15K per month pre-pandemic to averaging over $80K per month in commissions using our system…

And he even closed $107K in commissions over Christmas last year.

With this, you’ll have a step-by-step process for generating referral-quality leads, who actually want to speak with you, and are interested in the service you provide.

A Better Plan Is Just A Click Away…

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